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IT Support


Managed IT Services

Allow us to manage your IT infrastructure….so that you can focus on your business

Managed IT Services
Today's CIOs/CEO  face wide range of challenges - meet increasing business demands while operating within a limited budget and complex technologies. USAM Managed IT Services Practice ensures that you focus on your key business issues while we manage, monitor and support your IT Infrastructure needs... 


USAM currently offers Managed IT services in the following areas:

  • Datacentre Establishment
  • IT Facilities management
  • Remote Management
  • Managed Security
  • System Integration
  • Infrastructure Optimization

USAM Managed IT services provide an effective combination of people, processes and tools to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up and running. 


Flexible Service Delivery: 
Flexible service delivery and convenient service options are integral features of USAM Managed IT services. Customers can choose options such as onsite, remote or a combination of the two, USAM offers further flexibility in services, by offering both short-term and long-term agreement, thus allowing its customer to choose the mode, which best suits their business requirements. 

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