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USAM provides enterprise class, software-defined servers. HP award-winning systems provide blade, rack and tower servers plus the support and services. 



Rack Servers

Rack servers are highly optimized and tested to run for specific tasks. Simple and easy to configure, these servers can be engineered for use in various industry verticals. These servers are highly scalable in terms of compute, memory and storage enhancements. These are also Energy-efficient servers, reducing electricity costs for the data center cooling systems, and enhancing the budgets.



Tower model Servers

Most suitable for organizations moving from high end desktops to Servers as well as first time buyers. This is the perfect system for SMEs looking to centralize their IT infrastructure, by offering a great price to-performance ratio.


Blade Servers with Blade enclosures

Blade Servers are Modular in design, highly scalable,, highly energy efficient with scalable performance, easy to deploy and manage.






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